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  • The characteristics of abstract art play a vital role in many aspects, although our bronze home accessories statuette is a dark color on the surface, but it shows a very high level of solemnity to the entire home accessories statuette, his artistic atmosphere This abstract home accessories statuette, everyone has a different look from different angles, The whole model that shows it is like a winding figure-of-eight, the surface lines are polished very smooth and smooth, with hollow and crossed element design, its home accessories statuette is different body appearance from different angles, it can be used as a model for some drawing beginners, but also as an ornament in some places, its entire decorative simple design, making the whole environment also appear advanced, this home accessories Statuette can be suitable for various art gallery atmospheres or interior creative atmospheres, and its simple features make abstract designs more popular, attracting many customers to customize and love.
  • thinking face bronze statuette, an abstract element, is very popular in modern abstract sculpture, whether it is a huge broken face image in the garden or some tabletop ornaments, it is a very good image presentation. Our small statue, The thinking face bronze statuette depicts a round, delicate base on which a propped hand points its index finger at the person's cheekbones. Last life is an old man's face, thinking face bronze statuette's overall face is very incomplete, but his features and ears are displayed, this figure has different images, with the image of promotion, and with the image of thinking, each image is in line with the power you want to pursue in your heart, The light brown finish of the figurine gives the abstract thinking face bronze statuette a retro character, like being in an art gallery atmosphere.
  • Laziness and freedom fill the entire figurine. The main body of this figurine is a resting leopard. Its tail is naturally bent into a circle. His body is also composed of abstract lines, and his neck is bent to look behind him. This scene has some aesthetics. This is another feature of animals, but our sculptor applied abstract elements to this one. In the animal statuette, this leopard seems to have the vitality of life, as if it has entered the home life of modern people
  • Our sculptors have put a lot of thought into making an exquisite collection or gift for you. You can also understand the fusion and dispersion of art from this figurine, just like animals and modern art in ancient art The combination of Chinese abstraction, the long black base of this figurine is a leopard stretching its waist, its body is very abstract, with smooth lines and artistic atmosphere. The hind legs are half squatting, the two front legs are supporting him, and he is looking very neatly in front of the naughty little tail, which adds a touch of vitality to this figurine. The figurine has a light brown finish but still has a glossy finish, making it a perfect gift for a friend. Animals are a popular subject that everyone will choose.
  • The art festivals are all connected, like a very civilized sculpture from ancient times to the present. We can use many kinds of materials and many ways to innovate those sculptors in order to adapt to the many changes of the times, and design new sculptures for them. The characteristic is like the bust of this ancient young man. On the black base, the long face, the big ears, the long bridge of the nose, and the smallmouth all turn that famous work into a miniature version. , this figurine can be customized in size for your needs, and it can decorate your interior very elegantly.
  • This bronze cast figurine is a cast bust of a woman with only the head covered, a very distinctive ethnic minority crown and a turban around the neck. It has a diamond-like forehead on the top of its head. A symbol of your status, the three feathers on the head are also very beautiful, decorating the fragrance of the whole head, this figurine can be used for wall decoration, we will customize it for you and install it in each style of modern furniture , this ethnic minority can make you have a distinct sense of contrast and make the whole life more tasteful.
  • The connotation and inspiration brought by abstract artworks vary from person to person, just like if you want a carrier that can lead you to meditate, this thinking male bronze statuette is very creative, this thinking The male bronze statuette is a bald man who meditates as a whole. On a round base, the man sits with his legs crossed and his eyes are closed for meditation. An interesting little detail is that the body of the thinking male bronze statuette is composed of many pieces, each piece The parts have exclamation marks or question marks. The dark brown surface of the thinking male bronze statuette still has some advanced luster.
  • This statuette shows a naked woman sitting on a bench in the park very quietly, sitting on it and looking forward, as if thinking about life. We can see this statuette, the most The main feature is that each part of the abstract human body has a basic outline. But it gives us infinite reverie, what is he meditating on, in fact, this small statue will make people quiet, so this small statue also brings us a lot of thought while abstract art, it is very suitable for some modern Art gallery atmosphere and table placement.
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