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Each scene figurine shows strength, vitality and some complex artistic skills, just like this figurine, it shows a very life-like scene, it shows a minority tribe In the scene, a young man is sitting on a horse with his old mother on his back, and another person is leading the horse in front. Their unique decoration shows the characteristics and beauty of that minority, and the whole scene is full of life This is enough to make this sculpture full of stories, more attractive, become our desktop decoration, and also more unique and attractive



Most of these figurines are cast by the lost wax method and decorated on the pillars and beams of the palace. Some of the patterns praise the supreme power of the king, and some record the life and ceremonies of the Benin court, showing the world a group of people active in ancient Nigeria, It is also a highly developed civilization in ancient Africa. The themes of the figurines are mostly the representation of kings and queens. Princes, dignitaries, monks, nobles, warriors, hunters, musicians, missionaries and entourages also appear, as well as historical figures or statues of gods. Statues of kings have crowns on their heads, full chest badges, and sometimes eels for legs—symbolizing them as Ologon, the god of the sea. The samurai statue is a standing statue with a spear in the right hand and a shield in the left hand. Generally speaking, bronze figurines are static, pay attention to symmetry and coordination, and the size of the figurine depends on the status of the object being represented.


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