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Wholesale art home decor custom abstract man art copper sculpture

Life is like a circle, each of us is pushing this circle forward, we want our life to be as happy as a circle, and the author of this sculpture is very famous, many people may not understand what he means, But he will be attracted by his shape. This statuette shows that on a bumpy road, a slender man is pushing a circle in his hand. Walking forward, this statue gives us a thoughtful view of life. Stress and hope, how to balance this figurine, has a very unique charm, other figurines of this sculptor are also very famous, we can customize the right size and size for your interior.



The more the figurine continues to follow the scale of the reduced shape, the volume of the detail, the more it becomes thin and thin; the figure in the profile is increasingly varied. He was motivated and stimulated by the reality of the illusion. The human image reflected in the figurine was closer to what one would see when observing humans from a distance. It is a symbol of the new “humanism” of war-torn Europe. His works integrate pure human figures with the space that erodes their humanity. As Sartre said, the figurines cover their figures with the dust of space; allegorically expressing the deep sense of loneliness, anxiety, and the anxiety of modern people. The solace of a deprived tradition.


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