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Greco-Roman Mythology Bronze Standing Tyche statuette goddess Art Design Ornament

Each bronze Tyche statuette goddess has its own characteristics, our minor key is small, but captures the most outstanding characteristics and duties of the goddess, just like this Tyche statuette goddess she holds a pile of grain in her hand, another Holding the piano with only one hand. She is the goddess of destiny who rules the world. And this Tyche statuette goddess we can also customize it for you very delicate and beautiful, whether it is from the skirt or the eyes are very distinctive. Even the beauty marks on the ankles of the goddess are beautifully cast. If you have more custom art Tyche statuette goddess, please contact us.



They are the gods who spin the thread of human life. Tyche statuette goddess is dressed in a long dress, with a graceful and varied posture, especially the ancient Greek style wide dress, which is soft and thin, with smooth and light lines, revealing the graceful, plump, and vigorous body of the three goddesses of destiny, Tyche statuette goddess shows the high level of ancient Greek sculpture art, which can be called ancient Greek art treasures. Tyche statuette goddess was uniquely venerated at Itanos in Crete, as Tyche Protogeneia, linked with the Athenian Protogeneia, daughter of Erechtheus, whose self-sacrifice saved the city. In Alexandria, the Tychaeon, the Greek temple of Tyche, was described by Libanius as one of the most magnificent of the entire Hellenistic world.


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