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Tiger Sculpture Bronze Abstract Tiger Figurine Home Decoration

Tiger is the king of beasts and has many special meanings. Those good meanings make tiger sculptures very popular. Our small tiger statuette satisfies people who want to decorate indoor environments. This statuette is a walking tiger with a frosted texture cast in bronze. But you can see the pattern on the tiger’s body, the pattern is a glossy smooth bronze surface. The head is very three-dimensional and detailed, and the long tail is connected to the legs. These statuettes can be used as office decorations or as gifts for businessmen. There will be good business implications.



Animals have three obvious characteristics: one is personality. The second is physical characteristics. The third is the action feature. Animal statues can perceive the character of the animal through the shape and movement of the animal. But only through action can it really show. Animal statue art relies on body and action to reveal its character and emotion. An animal statue without character and emotion can only be a body without a soul. With the improvement of people’s material living standards, more and more people have begun to pay attention to improving their spiritual and cultural life, and more and more people’s appreciation level has begun to develop in the direction of art. Among them, the sculpture is an important manifestation of the improvement of people’s appreciation level. In a wide range of sculpture works, the animal sculpture is more popular. More and more scenic spots, campuses, and streets have erected animal statues.


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