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Abstract Figure design tabletop decor broken face thinking face bronze statuette

thinking face bronze statuette, an abstract element, is very popular in modern abstract sculpture, whether it is a huge broken face image in the garden or some tabletop ornaments, it is a very good image presentation. Our small statue, The thinking face bronze statuette depicts a round, delicate base on which a propped hand points its index finger at the person’s cheekbones. Last life is an old man’s face, thinking face bronze statuette’s overall face is very incomplete, but his features and ears are displayed, this figure has different images, with the image of promotion, and with the image of thinking, each image is in line with the power you want to pursue in your heart, The light brown finish of the figurine gives the abstract thinking face bronze statuette a retro character, like being in an art gallery atmosphere.



Abstract art thinking face bronze statuette is generally considered to be an art that does not describe the natural world, but expresses itself in a subjective way through shapes and colors. Abstractions are foreign words. Abstract in art is only a generalization and refinement of concrete images at first, which makes the pictures dissolve specific Outlines and details and become highly symbolic. thinking face bronze statuette Abstract art Thinking face bronze Statuette is the opposite name of figurative art, which can also be called non-figurative art. Abstract thinking face bronze statuette, on the premise of getting rid of the constraints of appearance, gives up the pursuit of fine, which is undoubtedly the manifestation of the subjectification of visual art, and also the beginning of the end of artisan art and the didacticism of illiterate audiences. This period of art history has lasted much longer in the West than in China, because there are no convenient materials such as silk and paper and no subjects of literary creation and appreciation in the West.


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