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Table decoration small size bronze nude mermaid metal sculptures

Mermaids are very romantic in ancient times and in myths. People’s imaginations, come from the depths of the ocean and bring us many dreamy imaginations. These mermaid characters can also be used as statuettes for many artworks, this bronze statuette is perfect as a tabletop artwork, no matter what style of interior, or light-colored environment. This statuette mermaid is on a black base with a beautiful fishtail lying on the ground. The upper body is very plump and well-proportioned. The Mermaid statuette has long hair and a very beautiful face. With her left hand on her face, the entire statuette’s movements are also very elegant.



There are many bronze mermaid sculptures all over the world, and there are different stories and meanings behind them. They can not only decorate the urban space but also become the landmark buildings of the city. The stories behind them are even more thought-provoking. Legend has it that the youngest daughter of Neptune fell in love with a prince in the world. In order to fall in love with the prince and become a lifelong partner, she left her family and relatives, handed over her beautiful and moving voice, and endured endless pain every day. . But the prince failed to marry her in the end, because the king chose a princess from a neighboring country as his wife for the prince. On the second day of the prince’s marriage, as the sun rose, the mermaid turned into a foam, and finally took the cloud to the sky. The expression of the bronze statue shows that the mermaid misses her beloved prince and her relatives. She stared at the humans on the ground, hoping to be one of them.


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