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table decor bronze goat figurines copper sheep statue home decoration

The goat figurine that can be used as decoration is very suitable for any home environment, and the bighorn lamb is on the small brown platform. All sides are elegantly blue and cute. The whole body was uneven, looking at the mark on the animal’s skin. He has embroidered skin on his neck. One is carved out of bronze material, with its huge curved feet hovering over its head and its brightly carved eyes. The goat man is placed on the bookshelf, you will feel that it is not lifelike to jump down.



Many people like to keep goat figurines at home because of the beautiful meaning of sheep. The first thing to think of when placing animal sculptures is a bronze sheep-like Sanyang Kaitai. Not only can it be decorated at home, but it can also bring good luck. It was common for the ancients to use sheep, and Daji sheep is a great auspicious. In the patterns decorated with sheep, there are auspicious and auspicious sheep meanings. In Western culture, the goat represents a symbol of power and majesty, so many goat figurines and the appearance of goat images in paintings are related to this. In the 19th century, the Italian sculptor Giuseppe sculpted “Abel”. Sheep appeared beside people. A statue in the Pantheon of Rome, Italy, with sheep appearing next to people. In ancient Egypt, in addition to the Sphinx, the Sphinx of the Sheep Head was also very important. Therefore, such goat figurines, whether in any style of home decoration style or want to get a variety of beautiful meanings, are a good choice.


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