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Animal Art design Standing horse statuette horse bronze decor design

Each horse posture is a small sculpture designed by different designers, with different ideas and meanings. Now our horse posture is cast in bronze, and its surface is plated with a layer of very bright gold, which is very gorgeous. Just like the statuette horse bronze decor in a palace, our statuette horse bronze decor is standing up, its tail is like a stone pillar supporting the base, and it has two curved hind legs, The two curved front legs are suspended in the air, and the horse is roaring in the air. The design is very wonderful. Both the muscles and the features of the horse are exquisitely cast and lifelike, showing the freedom and vitality of an animal. The statuette horse bronze decor weighs 1.72kg and is 14.3ft tall and 12.2ft wide, making it a perfect fit for your desktop. statuette horse bronze decor gives you great guardianship and positive power.



As a kind of spiritual animal, statuette horse bronze decor is a symbol of agility, passion and elegance. Therefore, horse animal, statuette horse bronze decor in the cultural development of our country has very high status, has a series of moral and symbolic significance. Like the dragon and horse spirit, it is the national spirit of ceaseless struggle and self-improvement advocated by the nation. In the art industry, artworks related to horses are also favored by the masses, such as horse sculptures, which are collected by many collectors for their good meaning. The art of statuette horse bronze decor in ancient China is not only intuitive imitation and pure realism, but also deeply influenced by ancient Chinese philosophy and aesthetic thoughts, as well as material, technology, craft and other factors. It is more about the traditional national spirit and powerful historical mission behind the shape.


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