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small bronze dumbo figurine elephant sculpture children gift

If you want to reward your little child, give her this dumbo figurine, high-quality bronze casting, with the details in place, on the round base, the Dumbo that has been sitting on the ball. There is also a five-pointed star pattern on the ball. Dumbo’s limbs are lying on the ball. The big ears seemed to take off. The bronzed skin adds a sense of retro. I believe that even adults will love the dumbo figurine. Innocent and high-end desktop accessories.



Society is developing, human beings are progressing, and all walks of life are following in the footsteps of the times and making progress day by day. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, bronze sculptures of cartoon characters have become an indispensable main element in the construction of people’s spiritual civilization. dumbo figurine has also become a touching and interesting decoration for people. As one of the connotative elements in the construction of urban beautification, cartoon character sculptures are more popular among people, especially children and the elderly. Cartoon dumbo figurine belongs to a kind of bronze sculpture, while bronze sculpture’s creation has strong randomness, wide freedom, and large conception space. It depends on the performance description of people’s daily life, work, leisure, labor, entertainment, etc. shape. Give full play to people’s creativity and imagination. The dumbo figurine has no size limit. Streets and alleys, campus squares, urban and rural areas can be everywhere. It can purify people’s hearts, cultivate people’s sentiments, and pursuit of beautiful things.


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