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small bronze angel of healing statuette St Raphael sculpture for sale

The image of Raphael has always been cheerful, steady, and full of love. The representative of the angel of healing is the sword of the flame of the wise angel. In this small sculpture, Raphael is a handsome young man with short curly hair and firm eyes. He holds a fish in his left hand and crutches and a gourd for healing and saving people in his right. Every little detail conforms to the meaning of the character’s duties. The customized angel of healing statuette will bless your family, stay away from pain and stay healthy.



The archangel Raphael is called the angel of healing. Christians from Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox denominations worship Raphael as a saint. He is sympathetic to people who are struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Raphael is committed to bringing people closer to God so that they can experience the peace that God wants to give them. He is often accompanied by joy and laughter. He is rumored to perform all miracles of healing. Since Raphael is an angel practicing healing skills, he is involved in the image of a snake. Angel of healing is the ruling angel of the next day, the lord of the angel of strength, the guardian of the tree of life in the Garden of Eden, and one of the seven angels who often stand in front of the throne of God. Angel of healing Raphael’s image has always been pleasant. In addition to healing people’s suffering, he also taught Noah the knowledge and skills of building the ark. According to the Old Testament, the angel who wrestled with Jacob and relieved Abraham’s old age was also rumored to be Raphael. He healed not only the human body but also human beliefs.


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