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small art modern abstract art ornaments family statue sculpture

Each abstract figurine has its own meaning. 100 people will have 100 opinions and views. Just like this figurine, it looks like a long bronze on the surface, and three different sizes stand on the base. The body of this rope is tied with two knots, but from a distance, this is what a family of three looks like walking. Maybe life has turned us into a wet rope and oppressed us, but we still have to move forward because we It’s a family, and every knot of the rope is very interesting. We can’t even tell whether it’s bronze or a real knot. We hope to get some inspiration for life from this figurine, and it also shows some of the things in life. Abstract beauty, we have more abstract figurines customized for you.



Many modern abstract figurines have strong integration and eye-catching properties with the environment due to their concise shapes and strong spatial intentions. Abstract art that does not aim at depicting specific objects uses lines, blocks, shapes, and materials. Convey various emotions, stimulate people’s imagination and enlighten people’s thinking. In the final analysis, appreciating a figurine artwork can start by recognizing the external morphological characteristics of the work, distinguishing the categories, and seeing whether the image is aesthetically pleasing and whether it is in harmony with the environment; then analyze the ideological content of the work, the author’s artistic skills; and finally, realize the inner meaning of the work. and creativity. Leading in a specific form, through a large number of exaggerated deformation and organized changes, it is expressed in a simple form, showing the extension space of the figurine, and resonating with people’s visual, psychological association, and shape, thereby enriching The language of artistic expression.


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