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Religious interior private church custom bronze sitting buddha statuette

If you have your own private chapel or a private space for prayer. A sitting buddha statuette suitable for a table top can be customized for you, our sitting buddha statuette is cast with high-quality bronze. The base is a very delicate lotus seat. Each petal is very neat, Sakyamuni sits cross-legged on the lotus seat, one hand spreads out the palm on the leg, and the other hand spreads out. The whole sitting buddha statuette is a very indifferent smile, that kindly guides us, this sitting buddha statuette is very suitable for indoor prayer, we cast each sitting buddha statuette with the most devout heart, bringing you inner comfort and faith.



The magical sitting buddha statuette was born from then on! Perhaps the most magical Buddha statue on earth! There are several golden Buddhas on the surface of the sitting buddha statuette. When you stare at it for a moment, a visual illusion will be generated. Sa rides the clouds, and the Buddha’s light shines. It seems to melt into the golden light of the Buddha, making you feel relaxed and happy, infinitely happy, and awe-inspiring. The sitting buddha statuette is magical and mysterious, which cannot be expressed in words, but can only be seen with one’s own eyes. May I ask if you have seen the three-dimensional effect of the magical Buddha statue? The three-dimensional statue of Sakyamuni Buddha inside? Why do I ask you this? Because many people just see the surface effect of the Buddha statue and say that they are not real Look inside the three-dimensional Sakyamuni Buddha statue. This magical sitting buddha statuette is so amazing, so wonderful, absolutely world-first, it is priceless!


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