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Simple Modern abstract bronze hand statue Gestures sculpture Art collection

Our sculptors are good at using a certain part of the human body to create different features, just like the most outstanding feature of this figurine, we can see that this is a human hand, compared to a figure 8 pose, Every joint of the finger, even if it sets off the unevenness of the surface, still becomes very three-dimensional and realistic. This figurine is made of bronze, and its surface adopts a unique mottled treatment, which makes this statue more retro and attractive. What exactly does it mean when we delusional this figurine? Whether it is the meaning of a pistol or just a number, everyone has a different opinion, so the figurine of the hand can be customized for you with your own style and meaning.



It does not aim at reproducing natural things in a real and specific way. The figurine conveys various emotions through lines, color, block, and surface composition to stimulate people’s imagination and inspire people’s thinking. It aims to express the essence and spirit of things, and pay attention to people. The expression of subjective ideas is common in urban bronze figurines and garden bronze sculptures. Abstract figurines represent an attempt at beauty. The most typical and essential elements of abstraction are the most typical and essential factors to form a simple generalization factor. And its generalized image, and endowed with spiritual connotation. This kind of performance has the perceptual characteristics of vivid, fuzzy, and unrestrained freestyle. The other type does not use natural objects as a reference but uses geometric forms as the basic language to construct spatial entities. This type of performance has the characteristics of a clear, explicit, rigorous, and rigid collection style, focusing on expressing ideas. It has a strong rational thinking factor, emphasizing the composition and combination of space and form.


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