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Mutilated faces of modern abstract art figures spot silence creative bronze statuette

In the popular garden decoration recently, there was a very famous bronze sculpture of a human face. The bronze sculpture of a human face is a fragmentary support of a human face, which has extraordinary significance in the garden. But now we have such novel designs suitable for interior decoration and tabletop decoration. The silence creative bronze statuette has a very thoughtful meaning in this design. The silence creative bronze statuette is a refined base, which is connected with a person’s hand, making the movement of promotion. While the face is incomplete, without the outline of the face, it has the design of five features. The silence creative bronze statuette is cast very fine, and the dark brown on its surface looks very retro. The overall weight of the Silence Creative Bronze Statuette is 1.37kg, the height is 13.8ft and the width is 13ft. This silence creative bronze statuette can be used as your collection or some bookshelves. It can make your whole space appear very advanced, just like the atmosphere of the art museum. It can also be used as a gift for your friends. Hope you enjoy the silence creative bronze statuette, with more different abstract character styles.



There are modern figures in copper sculpture, such as silence creative bronze statuette, ancient figure sculpture, Western figure sculpture and so on. However, there is one silence creative bronze statuette that is favored by people. Copper sculpture is abstract figure sculpture. The eclectic design of abstract figure has become the focus of attention. It puts aside the constraint of realistic image, the designer has unlimited creative space, shows his production concept, and gives us the space to imagine. The original feudal and conservative ideas have been opened up, and great changes have also taken place in the aesthetic aspect. People have gradually accepted the silence creative bronze statuette of abstract figures, and more and more people have begun to like abstract figure sculpture. Promoted the development of the abstract character silence creative bronze statuette in the city.


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