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Sexy India Woman Belly Dance Bronze Statue Female Figurine Hotel Hall Decoration

The fusion of each ethnic art is the greatest progress and development of art. Just like this figurine, it is separated from the casting of those Greek and Roman mythological figures that are trending. This figurine takes a different approach. From the perspective of ethnic minorities, Won the admiration of many people, this figurine shows a woman of ethnic minority, her turban is covered on her head, her hands are pulled, her arms are spread on both sides of the turban, and her private parts are made of very ornate. Decorated to decorate, we can even see his good figure, which also shows the unique beauty of minority women, breaking free from bondage and becoming a beautiful members of our big family



When an artist shapes the body of a goddess, he must first study people and understand the anatomical structure of the human body, so as to create a more realistic and vivid image of God. The image of the goddess in the ancient Greek goddess statuette comes from the female body in reality. After accumulating materials for a long time, artists have many rich and diverse models in the creation of small statues. In order to find what kind of human body standard can express a beautiful physique and give people a harmonious sense of beauty, sculptors have repeatedly explored the standard proportions of the human body. Greek artists pursued the engraving of the object’s outline and body structure, not only the structure is rigorous, but also the work has a considerable thickness, and the treatment of the clothing pattern is more natural and realistic, thus forming a combination of realism and idealization of figurines imitating nature in ancient Greece. of plastic arts.


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