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Sculpture product type and casting technique antique lion ornaments crafts

The lion is the king of beasts. In the big impression, it is only fierce, but in fact, the lion also has a different side. Our small lion statue shows what the lion looks like when it is resting. He has lost his identity as the king of animals. The demeanor has become the most common resting animal. This lion is crawling on the ground, the tail is naturally drooping on the body, and the claws are naturally relaxed. He looks at the front very relaxedly. Every fur of the lion statuette is very cast. With a realistic feel, and every muscle of it, the brown sheen on the body makes this figurine a great piece of art to decorate an interior.



The bronze lion statuette is entirely made of pure brass. It is a treasure for the townhouse to eliminate evil spirits and promote power. The main function of bronze lion figurines is to dispel evil spirits and prevent disasters, and they are generally placed on tables, window sills, bookshelves, or low cabinets facing the door. Copper is gold, which can restrain the torture of wood. If there is a big tree opposite the window, it should be resolved with a pair of copper lions. The introduction of the bronze lion figurines has shaken the prestige of the legendary tiger, and it has gradually been regarded as an auspicious beast for warding off evil spirits. In addition, Buddhism greatly respects lions, and the bronze lion also gives people spiritual comfort as “the king of beasts”, suppressing evil spirits. Angie’s symbol. The nature of the bronze lion is to dispel evil spirits and prevent disasters. Generally, it is placed in a position facing the gate. It is suitable for those who face the road or see the lamp post when the door is open. This bronze lion can be placed in the calamity and fatal position in the room to reduce its destructive power. If there are people who belong to water in the house, it is better to put this bronze lion, because gold produces water and can be prosperous.


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