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Bookshelf Vintage style bronze animal running horse bronze statuette

The running horse bronze statuette brings us a lot of ambition and freedom. Our running horse bronze statuette can be placed on some bookshelves, against the brown wooden bookshelves or some brown tables. The base of this hemp is a black base, the horse’s two front legs gallop in the air, the two hind legs support on the base, the horse’s tail is also in the air, suspended in the air, its body is a combination of brown and dark gray, is the whole piece of running horse bronze statuette more three-dimensional. This running horse bronze statuette has a very unique color from the small details to the muscles.



The art of running horse bronze statuette has a long history and is handmade, so that the quality and shape of the bronze horse are very beautiful. It is placed at home to make the home feel warm and classy. The horse sculpture image is different, and the effect is different. There is a horse lying on the ground, meaning the master to recuperate, although to struggle, but everything must be measured. There are horses in running, running horse bronze statuette often has a beautiful posture, perfect streamline, straight and straight body posture, meaning people want to run forward, to struggle. There is also the horse is raising its hooves, but the posture is high, the head is also high, meaning people’s spirit should be high, running horse bronze statuette appropriate position, the horse should be placed in the south, and the northwest, placed in the south, because the horse in the twelve branches of the Wu, and the Wu palace in the south, Therefore, it is very suitable to put running horse bronze statuette there.


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