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Tabletop interior of famous Indian mythological figures religious bronze shiva statuette

religious bronze shiva statuette is one of the three main gods in India. It’s a god that many people believe in and customize. We have a bronze cast piece here. religious bronze shiva statuette Religious bronze Shiva Statuette The dark brown exterior of gold is polished very bright and plays a very shining role in the environment. Of course, you can also put it in your personal environment. This style is not good. Beneath its mount is a tiger’s head. religious bronze shiva statuette has a bronze-green snake wrapped around his neck, the shape of a cobra is decorated lifelike, his hair has a crescent design, and he holds a trident in his left hand and a unique object in his left hand. His body is very full with the strong muscles of Buddha beads. There are exquisite eyes, features, every detail is very characteristic, this is the most classic form to bring you the artistic feeling, this religious bronze shiva statuette can be customized for you, suitable for your size.



religious bronze shiva statuette, formerly known as the “Beast Lord”, the god of reproduction in the Indus Civilization, and Rudra, the god of storm in Veda, has dual characters of reproduction and destruction, creation and destruction, presenting a variety of strange and grotesque features. Like many gods in mythology, the gender of shiva statuette is not fixed due to the omniscience of religious bronze shiva statuette, but changes from time to time according to phase. Shiva had a great influence on the esotericism of Buddhism, and some schools of Esotericism even regarded him as the embodiment of the Dhamma Buddha. The image of shiva is depicted as three eyes and four hands. religious bronze shiva statuette holds three forks, god snails, water POTS, drums, etc. He was dressed in animal skins, covered in grey, adorned with a crescent moon, his hair in a horn, and bearing the symbol of the Ganges. Legend has it that the Ganges fell on his head and flowed to the earth in seven ways, with a snake around its neck. The mount is a big white bull.


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