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Green bronze art collection of abstract figures recliner herny moore statuette

The charm of abstract art has different ways of presentation and unique artistic atmosphere in the eyes of different people. For example, this famous recliner herny moore statuette by Henry Moore shows a man lying on a bed on a long black base with his feet connected together. There is a void between the legs and the head of the body. We can see its outline clearly, but there is no specific shape. However, we can see from some small details that this is a woman lying down. But with its own unique balance point and unique charm brought by bronze, the cyan patterned bag gives this recliner herny moore statuette both a modern and a vintage feature.



In recliner herny moore statuette, Henry Moore pursued the restoration of the original entity. He took the bone shape and the connection of bones as the basic form unit and the basic composition method, dug out the holes in the entity, created emptiness and emptiness to expose the internal form, and took emptiness and emptiness as the extension of the entity. The different forms are then brought together in order to create new forms that symbolize living creatures, forms that symbolize the racial experience that has been imprinted on the human spirit. He manages to bring the viewer close to the beginning of things in front of his recliner herny moore statuette, often making the same object in different sizes, from a few inches to larger than life, But the weight and heft of the recliner herny moore statuette itself remains the same. Henry Moore believed that sculpture should not violate the hard, rugged nature of stone, so that it loses its own characteristics and adds a false appearance of skin. Technically, he studied the traditions of the ancient Greek period, the traditions of Mexican or Egyptian sculpture, and even the traditions of prehistoric sculpture, which deeply influenced him. He works directly with materials and is at ease with all materials.


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