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Religious private Buddha hall table top decoration Quanyin table bronze statuette hot sale

Each of us has our own beliefs, and what you want in your heart, you can pin it on some Buddhist Quanyin table bronze statuette, for example, you can put a separate space in your private Buddhist hall or house to pray, just like this Quanyin table bronze statuette, if you are looking forward to having a child of your own, this Quanyin table bronze statuette will bring you a lot of blessings, each of our religious statuettes has the most pious heart Customized for you, the bronze is also of high-quality casting, allowing you to satisfy your love and prayers for this three-dimensional Quanyin table bronze statuette.



Guanyin table bronze statuette This is a gentle, dignified, smiling woman figure. There are also some differences in this type of standard image, where the hands are clasped together, holding a willow branch and a clean bottle, or holding a child, stepping on a lotus flower, and so on. There are many beautiful handicrafts in the Quanyin table bronze statuette. Guanyin is a Bodhisattva with boundless mana and omnipotence. But the people worship her, not mainly because of her numerous illusory mana, but because of her ability to send children. Even in modern times, people have given Quanyin the role of table bronze statuette, and the efficacies that Shiyin has passed on are less about helping people in distress, and more about sending children. Therefore, ordinary people go to the Guanyin Temple to burn incense or worship the statue of Guanyin at home, mainly to pray for children.


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