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Professional bronze art foundry custom make metal art female sculpture

We have learned many stories of goddesses and gods in Greek and Roman mythology. We are attracted by the moving faces and the extraordinary stories, like this Greek figurine, showing the goddess of the hunt, naked and showing the beauty of the era, with rope and bow and arrow in her hands, her Stepping on a wild boar that has just been hunted, the whole person stands there very confidently as if he has won. We can see the beauty of the goddess of that era from the statuette, her figure is very beautiful, this is some inheritance of Feminine beauty down. There are many different myths about the goddess of the hunt, and they can all be displayed as figurines to decorate your range.



The development and progress of ancient Greek goddess statuettes are inseparable from Greek mythology. Under the influence of Greek mythology, ancient Greek goddess statues have made breakthroughs in many aspects. In terms of subject matter, Greek mythology provides a lot of rich materials for the ancient Greek goddess figurines, and forms a unique art form of nude in the form of expression, and achieves the aesthetic idea of ​​the perfect combination of realism and idealization. These artistic features are given to it by Greek mythology, which makes these goddess figurines unique among the world’s art forests and become a precious heritage in the treasure house of human culture. The ancient Greek goddess figurine emerged from the history of world sculpture. Her unique inner vitality and artistic charm have become the aspiration and model of later generations’ artistic pursuit, and have had a profound impact on the art of the whole world.


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