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Mythology art figure custom modern design style persephone greek goddess statuette

The Persephone greek goddess statuette of this goddess is very famous in greek mythology, every girl has her own responsibilities, and this Persephone greek goddess statuette bronze shows the goddess of grain, we can see from the structure around him, There are a lot of skulls under his feet, and he holds a sheaf of wheat in his arms and grain in his hand, so this persephone greek goddess statuette can bring you good harvest and wealth, and also shows Greek mythology. The charm of the goddess. The hair is distributed beautifully, the leaves and flowers are very brightly dressed, and the beautiful skirt is the whole character Persephone greek goddess statuette is more three-dimensional.



As the female ruler of the underworld, the image of the persephone greek goddess statuette is a majestic and ruthless queen of the underworld with a torch in one hand and a pomegranate in the other; as the goddess of the harvest, her image is holding ears of corn, or the beautiful girl who was picking flowers in the meadow with Artemis and Athena. When Persephone returns to the underworld, the earth will wither, and when she returns to the earth with her mother, everything will be revived, which is a symbol of rebirth and death. The offerings to Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, were black, infertile cows. Persephone itself is a goddess of seeds, corresponding mainly to the grain seeds commonly used in ancient Greece. When the persephone greek goddess statuette is in the underworld, it represents the seed sleeping in the dark soil. When she returns to the ground in the spring, the power of Demeter, the goddess of growth, awakens the seed, and the seed begins to germinate, and the goddesses of the seasons Hole come to welcome Persephone back to her sisterhood. persephone greek goddess statuette In ancient Greek art, the image of Persephone reflects her duality.


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