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Office decoration Bronze Famous Greek Myth God Figurine Decor

There are so many characters in Greek mythology who may not have actually existed but give the impression of being alive, with different responsibilities and different shapes and backstories how interesting. Our factory can customize many bronze figures statuettes, just like this energetic man statuette, the entire surface of the artwork is brown and shiny, one foot is on the piano, and one leg is connected to the support of the tree stump. statuette’s body is covered with clothes. The expression of the character statuette is also very vivid. The characteristics of the statuette myth are conveyed through the three-dimensional characters.



The outstanding contribution of ancient Roman figure sculpture art to Western civilization lies in its inheritance and development of the ancient Greek sculpture art tradition. The ancient Roman figure sculpture art inherits the fine traditions of ancient Greece and integrates the local Etruscan sculpture art and copper casting and stone carving skills. Roman figure sculpture has a very high status in the social life of ancient Rome, and the number of sculpture works is still unimaginable today. The Romans worshiped their ancestors, and very early began to use plaster or wax to cast molds from the faces of the dead, paint them into realistic masks and place them in their homes. Another reason is that the Roman rulers tried to show off personal authority and create a cult of personality.


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