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Office Decoration Abstract Bull Statue Bronze Bull Figureines

The value and power of cattle from ancient times to the present are obvious to all. It is also a good partner for people in life. Some ethnic groups regard cattle as sacred existence. Our statuette combines the shape of an ancient cow with a modern abstract design and also has a special design in terms of balance. On the base, two cow legs support the entire cow’s body. The tail of the ox is cast on the back, and the body of the statuette has many hollow designs. The inside of the hollow is frosted, and the other parts are smooth and brown. The statuette combines two different elements. Created animal art suitable as a collectible.



Animal bronze sculptures are very characteristic and can clearly express the connotation that people want to express. Generally used for artistic expression, art that expresses the artist’s aesthetics, emotions, and ideals. It is precise because of these unique features that animal bronze sculptures have been widely processed and manufactured, which has become an important symbol of the improvement of the artistic appreciation level of the 21st century. Animal bronze sculpture has always been an important type of bronze sculpture. Whether it is in modern society or in ancient times, it is deeply loved by people. The sculptor makes and portrays through delicate sculpture, and carefully designs the form of animals in the form of bronze sculpture. The preservation shows that it is the unity of animals and culture. The animal bronze sculptures range from ordinary animals of bronze deer and bronze horses to bronze unicorns, bronze Pixiu, and other mythical beasts.


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