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Michelangelo works small famous religious figures custom Moses famous statuette bronze

Michelangelo’s famous work Moses famous statuette bronze, marble statue is very famous, and we can also customize a small Moses famous statuette bronze for you. Although the Moses famous statuette bronze is small, it is very delicate, and you have a good grasp of the characters. , the casting of the eyes, and the proportion of the body can be grasped very carefully so that you will not regret asking us to customize the statue. Any of our works of Moses famous statuette bronze can reflect the characteristics of the characters and grasp the details of the characters. Moses’ attitude is that of a leader.



Moses famous statuette bronze head stands majestically, Yiyi has divine eyes, and his right leg is bent as if he is about to stand up. Teeth clenched as if to swallow something. The eyes were large and beautiful, fixed and looking straight, emitting a flame-like light. The hair is short, like the figure on the Sistine ceiling; the Moses famous statuette bronze beard hangs down like a wave, so long that it is necessary to brush the hand. The arms and hands are like those of an old man; the blood vessels are prominent; but his hands, are long and beautiful, and his clothes, exist not for realism, but to meet the needs of modeling. Because of these folds, the strength of the legs of the Moses famous statuette bronze is more pronounced; the volume of the lower part of the statue is also increased, making the foundation of the whole more solid. His artistic creation combines realism with romantic fantasy, and the statues are majestic and robust, full of infinite power. Moses famous statuette bronze is not limited to the plot of religious stories but focuses on the expression of human essence and the inner world. It is necessary to overcome the tension in all its power.


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