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modern Nude Woman Figurine Copper Western Naked Female Sculpture

The woman on the couch gave us a very healing and gorgeous feeling. The woman statuette had a very plump and well-proportioned figure, with a blanket covering her thighs, her right arm resting on an upside-down bamboo basket, and the woman statuette holding a round-shaped wreath. She has a beautiful bun on her head. Looking sideways. The comfortable gesture of the statuette makes our hearts quiet. While we order the statuette, we can also admire the beautiful face of the woman. If you like to appreciate the detail and beauty of characters, you will find many unique surprises in this statuette.



Nowadays, we know that both Western figure sculptures and Eastern figure sculptures are very popular. They have a long history. Figure sculptures in different periods show people’s values ​​and outlook on life. Great passion for life. The humanistic nature of figure sculpture is that each country has its own development law, and its historical background, economic culture, and other aspects determine the country’s unique cultural atmosphere, and the country’s cultural atmosphere determines its own cultural atmosphere to some extent. The basic condition of figure sculpture. Both eastern and western figures have their own carving techniques and carving techniques. Although most of the carvings in Western history are mythical gods or kings and heroes of various dynasties, they still symbolize a certain positive meaning.


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