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Modern Artwork Decor Holding Grapes Young Girl Bronze Figurines Handmade Female Decoration

Many small sculptures are drawn from mythological stories, showing the gods in the stories, and their roles are displayed in the small details of the figurine. Our goddess figurine is very slender, with a beautiful goddess figurine on its toes on a round base. Holding an ancient wine jug in the right hand and holding a bunch of grapes high in the left hand, grapes are a very common element in Greek goddess figurines, with a strong Greek atmosphere. Goddess figurine body surface bronzer looks very healthy, goddess figurine as a bookshelf decoration, covering fashion and retro vibes.



Western bronze goddess figurine generally has a half-naked or fully-naked body and half-fallen clothes, which not only shows the beauty of the body but also covers it and controls it. It draws people’s attention to the inner charm of the characters, not just the outer body, which is indeed a superb artistic technique. The image goddess figurine of Western characters is shaped according to the aesthetics of human nude proportions. Although ancient people worshipped gods, since bronze sculptors created beautiful images according to the beauty of the human body in real life, the proportions of each part of these goddess figurines almost all contain the golden ratio of 5:8. Western figure carving is very beautiful. It is because of these unique features that the goddess figurine is widely processed and manufactured.


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