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Metal casting figurines brass wild animal sculpture for sale

We have seen many examples of the strong prey to the weak in documentaries and in nature. Of course, the most common one is shown in animals more superficially like this figurine. He freezes the most classic picture in nature into a very timeless miniature. The statue, a figurine made of bronze, adds a more eternal energy to the animal, this figurine shows a leopard, grabbing the image of an antelope gnawing, the antelope howling on the last breath, and the leopard The eyes are full of sharpness in this war of the jungle, which is reflected in the figurine as a reflection on our lives.



Since ancient times, people have used small bronze statues of tigers to house their houses, which are also a kind of decoration. With the development of the sculpture industry, the application of bronze tigers is more extensive. The bronze tiger figurine not only has auspicious meaning, but also has the feng shui effect of warding off evil spirits in the house, which is of great help to the operation of feng shui. Noble temperament. The tiger is a kind of auspicious mythical beast. The bronze-carved tiger has a passionate demeanor and shines brightly. With its magnificent momentum, it seems to be galloping in the land of China. Tigers can only be displayed by nobles. Generally, they are placed in their mansions by wealthy families to ward off evil spirits. At the same time, they also show their aristocratic status, and secondly, they can show the cultural accomplishment of their owners. Placing a bronze tiger figurine at the entrance has the effect of warding off evil spirits in the house.


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