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bronze mermaid figurines home decoration

There are many legends about mermaids, some are romantic stories in the sea, and some are evil existences that seduce navigators. Look at the mermaid figurine, which one do you think it is? There is a scar on the mermaid’s face. She is lying quietly on the ground, her long fishtail is beautifully carved, and there are many skulls beside her. It must be a cold mermaid figurine. The sophistication of the mermaid figurine lies in the cold expression on the mermaid’s face. The delicate scales of the fish on his body, as well as the horror of the coral skeleton under him.



The mermaid figurines are defined by the waist, the upper body is a beautiful woman, and the lower body is a beautiful fishtail covered with scales. The whole body is attractive and easy to escape quickly. They have no soul and are as ruthless as the sea; their voices are usually deceptive like their appearance; they have various characteristics such as seduction, vanity, beauty, cruel and desperate love. There are movies, cartoons, songs, mermaid figurines, and so on. The familiar image of a mermaid originates from Lorelai, a beautiful mermaid often mentioned in German legends and poems. She often appears on the banks of the Rhine when the sky is dark and unclear. With her cold and beautiful appearance and sad and moving singing, she confuses the passing boatmen, distracts them and loses their direction, and finally sinks to the bottom of the river. There is also the image of mermaid figurines as a gentle and infatuated woman, and this quality of gentleness and infatuation comes more from fish. Fish is an animal in the water, and water can be a symbol of emotion, so fish also value emotion.


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