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Male Hunters Statue Bronze Antique Artwork Collectibles

This statuette is a man in Greek mythology, showing a young man hunting. The bronze statuette combines the characters and the environment very well. On the base is a bronze cast rock, a beast leopard has quilted The young man stepped on his feet. The young man had a naked body full of muscles, his head was lowered, and he looked very determined and energetic. Statuette held a sharp knife in his right hand. These mythological characters are very suitable as collectibles and have commemorative meanings. We can customize statuettes for both male and female mythological characters.



Figure sculpture as an extension of body politics. Ancient Greek architecture was more of a public building, temples, town council squares, and theaters—places where the public gathered. Ancient Greek architecture had no obvious hierarchy but did not overemphasize the axis of symmetry, and the layout was free and lively, rather than solemn. The most typical example is the building complex of the Acropolis. The casting process of figure bronze sculpture has been circulated for thousands of years, and the bronze sculpture factory has formed its own set of production processes. Combined with the current process technology, the casting of figure sculptures is more precise and accurate. The first is to design the drawings for the overall vision of the sculpture, and then cast the bronze sculpture according to the pattern, and then make a rough model with clay manuscript according to the designed pattern for convenience. We are shaped.


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