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Modern style animal element decorations Bronze peacock head living room interior design statuette

Each animal has a very strong meaning for the country and nation, when your choice determines the role of interior decoration, we now have a very beautiful and romantic interior decoration interior design artwork, that is, this beautiful peacock beautiful peacock only bust, only the neck connected to the head of the head eyes and pointed mouth, and the beautiful peacock head on the head, the crown is very fine, living room Interior design through bronze casting and carving, it looks retro and full of mythical colors, this peacock bust, eyes burning looking forward has a sense of minority faith, this very exquisite peacock head living room interior design can be given to your friends as some gifts, he will put this living room interior design on the bookshelf will have a different feeling. Even such romantic and beautiful animals are full of good wishes.



Living room interior design Peacocks are one of the common animal sculptures in our lives, and living room interior design peacocks have a very high status in people’s minds. Living Room Interior Design The peacock is a kind, intelligent, freedom-loving and peace-loving bird, a symbol of auspicious happiness. In Greek mythology, the peacock symbolizes the goddess Hera. In China and Japan, the peacock is seen as a manifestation of grace and talent. Legend has it that the peacock is the embodiment of the phoenix, symbolizing a harmonious female appearance, and the living room interior design peacock symbolizes happy love. Living room interior design The peacock symbolizes the meaning of wealth and auspiciousness. Living room interior design Peacock is not only beautiful in appearance, but also the meaning of living room interior design peacock is also very auspicious, not only a representative of wealth, but also to attract contacts. Living room interior design Peacocks can not only beautify the environment and set off the boring atmosphere around, but also attract people’s attention and increase people’s knowledge and culture.


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