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Religious Catholic bust of the Virgin Mary Bronze tabletop living room design statuette

Everyone’s different beliefs decide, his pursuit of artistic living room design sculpture is suitable for decorating different figurine art to decorate their environment, if you believe in Christianity, believe in Catholicism, our cloaked Virgin Mary bronze, sculpture half under the body can decorate your desktop this, decorative role of the Virgin Mary living room design, the overall carving is very beautiful, the round base and brown appearance show the retro tone , Maria’s bust is placed above, the facial features are cast very finely, making you feel the reverent atmosphere, the clothes on his body also show retro characteristics, the excess of black and yellow makes the whole more suitable for the modern brown table atmosphere sense, of course, this living room design in your private chapel is also a good decoration



Virgin Mary Living Room Design Interpretation: is the birth mother of Jesus, a figure of Christian faith. In Catholicism, there is a very important prayer ritual called the Rosary prayer, which is to achieve the purpose of meditation and self-purification by contemplating the fifteen major events in the life of Our Lady. Some Protestants consider it to be devoted to pious virtues and is particularly loved by God. Some of the more Catholic churches call her St. Mary the Virgin and a saint , but not the Virgin. In the Middle Ages of Europe, living room design was a darker age of political civilization; Religious theology had an indispensable place in the Middle Ages at this time, which was very favorable for the formation of religious worship. For Western Europe at that time, the religious cult of personality in living room design was very serious. The worship of religious gods, especially the Virgin Mary, flourished in medieval Western Europe.


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