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living room decoration Custom sculpture bronze personalized figurines

The family is the warmest harbor. Personalized figurines are customized for a beautiful family. Every character in the family exists. The eldest daughter and the younger son are in the middle, and the mother and the father holding the younger daughter are on both sides. The four people are all standing on different small platforms, yet they hold each other’s hands, showing the warmth of the family. The personality of each character has been expressed in the casting of facial expressions and body movements. You can also find us to customize personalized figurines based on photos of your own family. It is not only through personalized figurines to condense the love of the family, but also the heart-to-heart, caring for each other.



If the sculpture is a solidified art, then the personalized figurines held by a family must be the sunshine that hits the soul directly, warm and innocent, inspiring, with visual impact and beautiful enjoyment. Every personalized figurines is a frozen time. This is much like the warm family homes that live around us. The warm and harmonious scenes of this scene are exactly the life we are familiar with. This rare parent-child time is frozen by the sculptor, and it has become the reason for many people to customize these personalized figurines. When people are middle-aged or old, looking back at their past, childhood has become a long-lasting yearning in many people’s hearts. A happy childhood will bring people hope and hope. These sculptures of both form and spirit were used by the children at the beginning. In his heart, it is not cold bronze or marble or stainless steel metal, but the strength that is placed on hope and warmth.


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