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little figurines bronze giraffe figurine art decor Office decoration

Speaking of a giraffe, people will first think of his height. When this animal is customized into a giraffe figurine, you will be satisfied with the masterpiece completed by bronze. This giraffe figurine shows a standing giraffe. Its limbs are upright and its posture is graceful. There are bronze patterns on the body. It stretches its long neck. The horns on the head and the small ears are all lifelike, and the branches of the big tree in front of its body. They all exude an atmosphere of retro decoration.



Everyone knows that giraffes have long necks and long legs, a mild spleen, and a gentle and elegant group. According to the fossil record, giraffes were first differentiated from deer in the early Miocene. The long neck and long legs of the giraffe are also a good cooling tower. They live in hot savanna. Because of its large surface area, it is conducive to heat dissipation and can adapt to the surrounding environment well. The lung capacity is also large, which is conducive to breathing fresh air and expelling exhaust gas. Animals are the most powerful symbol of nature. With the shortage of animals, people have made many vivid bronze giraffe figurines to make up for the lack of resources. The bronze giraffe figurine is a work of art that has been well developed in the bronze sculpture industry. Through the sculpture of the bronze giraffe figurine, the characteristics of various animals in life are displayed. Combining with life is a way of art development. , Can more prominently show the development of the copper carving industry.


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