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lady bust bronze sculpture home decor

Women are the most beautiful things in the world, our statuette is a bust of a woman, which can be used as a tabletop or shelf decoration, this woman’s statuette is like a queen full of dignity, a tube top skirt, waist Tied with a bow. The cloak on the back is also in the shape of a very beautiful petal blooming. The woman has a beautiful bun on her head and two curly hair drooping around her ears. Although they are all cast in bronze of the same material, the beauty and splendid status of women are felt from the meticulous details. This statuette bust can even be a gift.



In the entire Western art tradition, ancient Greek sculpture occupies a very important position. Greek art is idealistic, simple, emphasizing commonality, elegant and delicate, and expresses inner strength in external forms. It can be said that the typical models advocated by Western art all started in ancient Greece. During the period of Greek culture, sculptures showing the beauty of the female human body increased day by day and praises to Aphrodite, the god of love and beauty, that is, Venus, emerged in an endless stream. Among them, the most famous statue was the Venus of Milos. , and has become synonymous with praising the beauty of the female body. It is from the Greek period. It is a classic work of ancient Greek art entering a period of high maturity. Embodies the humanistic spirit of ancient Greece


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