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Combination scene character sculpture desktop decoration kids bronze statuette

This is a kids bronze statuette that combines the beautiful things of music and children. Beside a pile of stones, three little boys play happily together. One boy is playing the flute and another is playing Playing drums, another little boy is standing and dancing cheerfully. The very loving picture of the kids bronze statuette makes us feel the joy of musical children. This kids bronze statuette is very suitable as a souvenir or gift to decorate your personal space.



Children are innocent and full of sunshine, they are the flowers of the motherland, and they are the new reverie that gives people hope and longing. Therefore, the design of children’s bronze statuette is often aimed at expressing innocence and hope, and most of the modeling aspects are based on certain characteristics and details in life. There are also some children’s bronze statuettes depicting children’s interest in special shapes in order to express children’s expectations and expectations for the adult world. The depiction of children’s children’s bronze statuette is often carved with delicate carving techniques. The depiction of children’s facial labels is particularly delicate, and the grasp of posture is particularly unique. The application of children’s bronze statuette is very extensive. According to the theme expressed by the children bronze statuette, it is most commonly used in places where children play and learn, such as campuses, playgrounds, parks, etc.


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