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Physical custom art style bronze modern interior design styles statuette

Different fields of art and knowledge can be applied to flexible creation, such as our bronze interior design styles statuette, which is very suitable for modern physical style, its surface is lived, plated with different colors to make the entire interior design styles statuette more three-dimensional, its display is an irregular pentagon, each side has a hollow openwork circle, different sizes , its middle connecting lines are also different colors, not different thicknesses, its whole only one or two lines connected to the base, he as a whole maintains the balance in the air. This look at interior design styles statuette reminds us of atomic design in physics and line design in mathematics, these geometric elements are all common, and applied to abstract interior design styles statuette is a very delicate and advanced work.



In abstract interior design styles statuette, it is “point, line, surface”. But the “points, lines, and surfaces” here are not points, lines, and surfaces in the form, but the formal factors are regarded as the form as a whole. In the interior design styles statuette art form, the line composition is relatively rich and changeable, and the line is a highly generalized form of matter. On the one hand, it stems from the individual’s cognition of the body; On the other hand, it stems from the resulting ideas and emotions. Here it is embodied that the perceptual cognition of art and the rational analysis of design are skillfully combined. Together, they exist in the reality and exploration of matter. Abstract interior design styles statuette pursues the relationship between lines and shapes arranged and combined in a specific way, and playfully expresses the unique aesthetic emotions behind or hidden behind pure forms, which means expressing these concepts in concrete forms and designing some visible abstract interior design styles statuette shapes.


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