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Unique modern style skull bronze statuette interior decoration for sale

The sculptor’s statuette interior decoration art has different sources of inspiration and elements, and some abstract art and some art without religious belief in the modern environment also give sculptors more choices, and our skull statuette interior decoration has become a desktop ornament loved by many modern novel young people, this bronze statuette interior Decoration shows a square base, the upper body of the previous skull, with lung ribs, and sexy collarbones, as well as these two right-angled shoulders, his entire skull, eye hollows, nose hollows, and neat teeth make us feel very terrifying, there is unique art, such unique art, so that the whole environment adds a high-class atmosphere, it can be used as an abstract statuette interior The decoration artwork serves as a decoration for the whole environment and can also be given to friends as some collectibles for this very interesting design.



Like other statuette interior decorations, statuette interior decoration has gone through a bleak and tortuous process and has gone through a hundred years of history, where should statuette interior decoration go in the 21st century? This is a problem that we have to face. The common denominator between statuette interior decoration and garden sculpture is that it cannot only stay in the old concept of the last century, and cannot stay in the relationship between statuette interior decoration and the proportion, volume, space, color, material, etc. of the building, but further explore the statuette interior The role of decoration in the natural environment and human environment in modern cities, especially the relationship between people and nature, psychology, history, culture, spirituality and other aspects. As an environmental art, how should statuette interior decoration echo and blend with the entire city, the development of statuette interior decoration in the United States may give us some useful inspiration


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