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Interior decoration Bronze girl statuette metal handicraft

Confidence is the best item for everyone. Whether it is a modern figure or an ancient figure, a confident person can always shine. Standing on the stage is like guiding us. This small statue attracts many of us. On a round base, a full-bodied woman is half naked, holding a long streamer with both hands, like dancing in the wind, her eyes are full of indulgence and enjoyment, we believe that standing He is the most beautiful light on the stage, and this figurine also brings some light and some inner direction to your dance life.



While Greek sculptors focused on the study and expression of male human beauty, when depicting female figurines, clothing was used to replace the details of important parts of the body—though as transparent as possible. They were tired of the rigid dresses of Egypt and ancient Greece, and liked to show the flowing posture of women’s robes in the wind. From this aspect, they captured the true meaning of life and movement. Therefore, in order to express the health and delicacy of human skin, the figurines have also exhausted methods and thoughts in the selection of materials. Bronze was the favorite material of Peloponnesian sculptors, and the bronze-colored black of the statuette was more appropriate to express the color of the human body after being exposed to sunlight. Later in the Renaissance, many artists inherited the style of Greece and Rome, and inherited the love of human beauty. When seeing these exquisite handed-down works, the figurines are often half-naked or completely nude.


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