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Mascot animal decoration indoor desktop indoor elephant bronze statuette

Elephants have very good meanings in various countries such as Thailand, China, etc. Our factory specially customizes such an indoor elephant bronze statuette for you to bring you auspiciousness and luck. Although this elephant bronze statuette The size is huge and the proportion is reduced, the proportion of the overall casting is very perfect, which brings you a different feeling. The long nose of this indoor elephant bronze statuette is stretched in the air, and the limbs are also carved. The indoor elephant bronze statuette is very meticulously cast. , The dark gray surface made of bronze is also very cute, and the artistic elephant brings you a lot of fun and protection. The indoor elephant bronze statuette’s little tail is drooping behind him, very cute. The surface is very smooth and it is very suitable for decoration.



In modern times, we can see all kinds of bronze indoor elephant bronze statuettes. These bronze elephant ornaments are of different sizes. There are also many large bronze statues placed at the entrance of the temple. It can be seen that elephants and Buddhism are also closely related. After the elephant was tamed by people, it became a mascot, and the shape of the elephant appeared in the bronze wares of the Shang Dynasty, the most famous of which is the elephant statue. There are also elephant patterns on many indoor elephant bronze statuettes, which shows that people liked and respected the elephant as a mascot at that time. Elephants are not only regarded as mascots in ancient times but in contemporary times, elephants are also regarded as symbols of good luck and good luck. Elephants absorb water, and water in feng shui is wealth, so elephants also have the meaning of gathering wealth, so many people They will put an indoor elephant bronze statuette at home, hoping to make a lot of money.


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