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indoor cast bronze fairy sculpture home decor

Angels come to the world, from ancient times to the present, there are different legends and myths, they have different responsibilities, there are angels guarding the cemetery, and there are very cute angels of children, and our small statue can be used as a wall The decoration can also be used as the decoration of the desk and other planes. This is an abstract little angel. His body is very sexy, but there are no specific facial features and shapes. His body is displayed behind the back like the wings of a butterfly, but the body Every pattern of the wings is very delicate. This figurine can be an angel in your heart. It can become whatever you pursue in your heart. This is the charm of abstract art, and there are different guidelines and guidance for different people. .



Angels are messengers who bring love and peace to human beings in the mythical world. They have a pair of superpower wings and always arrive at the critical moment when human beings need help. With the development of human culture, human beings have integrated the image of angels into the world. In painting and statuette art, it has deep ornamental value. With the development and progress of the copper figurine industry, angel images have been cast into various angel bronze sculptures to make the image more specific. The figurine of angel Western figure sculpture Eros is a European-style landscape sculpture, an ancient Greek classic mythology. The figure sculpture type, with its vivid image and exquisite shape, is used in landscape gardens, which not only adds beauty, but also has profound meaning. Angels are originally mythical figures, and their images can be freely defined by people. Small statues can be shaped into cute children, beautiful women, or heroic men, with different shapes.


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