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indoor bronze holy family sculpture Religious statue church decoration

Religious figurine brings a lot of strength and life direction to those who believe The Sacred Heart, the Virgin Mary on the left looked at Jesus very lovingly, with her hands clasped together, and Saint Joseph on the right covered her chest with one hand and the sacred flower in the other. Cast and polished to a brown sheen, this holy family figurine bronze representation can send you many devotional reflections on some private chapel tabletops.



The holy family figurine is a very classic piece of religion, and there are many periods in the form of the holy family figurine of Jesus. For example, this holy family figurine looks like cute baby Jesus and loving parents. It shows a very warm scene of Catholicism. The holy family figurine also provides new guidance and ideas for the family of believers. the holy family figurines can be placed in various scenes such as a church or outdoors. We can also customize famous Jesus sculptures such as the Birth of Jesus and the Cross at the Fourteenth Station. The birth of Christ is a grace to us, because of the love of Christ, everyone can be saved; because of the mercy and humility of Christ, the holy family figurine enables each of us to build a family, to be a family of faith and praying people and families.


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