Aongking Handmade Statuette

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If it is said that popular culture and art are what everyone pursues in modern life, then the culture handed down by ethnic minorities and some ancient tribes is even more precious, just like this small statue, which restores that More unique artistic charm of the times, this small statue shows a woman with her whole body lying on the bed, her chest wrapped in the unique clothing of ethnic tribes that covers her body. Her posture is very enchanting, and she also wears a unique turban on her head. This beauty, combined with the wheat complexion cast in bronze, shows the health and ancient flavor of the whole person.



Africa is a prosperous hometown of carvings. Whether it is wood carving, ivory carving, stone carving, pottery carving, bronze carving, etc., they are all eye-catching for their changeable shapes and simple styles. Bronze sculpture art mainly expresses the beauty of shape, texture and decoration, and is mostly used to express mysterious and deterrent religious themes. To maintain the original appearance of the copper figurines, there is a problem of collection and storage. The copper sculptures have been corroded and oxidized underground for a long time, and the texture is not strong. Loss is very important to investors. The development of bronze figurines culture can be passed down to a large extent depending on the way the related industries develop. Art is a relatively noble realm. The culture of bronze statuettes has gone through the vicissitudes of the past dynasties and has a profound influence on the next generation. The display of copper handicrafts fully proves the progress and development of the times.


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