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House decoration abstract family statue brass metal figure sculpture

In our busy lives, we can be overwhelmed by the stress of life, but what if our bodies are crippled by the torments of life? Many figurines made by this sculptor are very meaningful, even if the meaning he expresses is very painful and depressing, but for each figurine alone, everyone has their own opinions. The statue shows three standing slender people, two of them are gone, and there is only one arm left in the middle of the arms, so we can think of that this figurine is very popular as an abstract decoration of modern life, I hope that different people have life insights and thoughts on this type of figurines.



The figurines we feel are not only the plight of post-war humanity, but the plight of individuals in the inner city of mass society – in the vast and complex social, political, and architectural structures, everyone is identified and lives in a state of mental isolation. The long-standing approximation of mysticism in the pursuit of a method of expressing reality contains the question of the ultimate civilization of civilization and the pursuit of the essence of reality cognition. It’s the most poignant, lonely metaphor. These rough, shrunken surfaces, blank, expressionless faces, and dimensions viewed from a distance make these tiny figures show a barren distance from each other and from the viewer itself. Essentially still it’s thin, devastated postwar style. Like its figurines, the reflected human figures are slender and even terrifying. They are shown standing upright, greeting, or striding. The figurines often appear to be moving and seem to have a purpose.


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