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hot sell bronze three lovely mouse figurines animal sculpture decorations

I hope these mouse figurines can bring you relaxation and pleasure when you are tired from studying or working at the desk. It is made up of three little mice, some in skirts and some with butterfly wings on their backs. There are also those with small hats on their heads. Each little mouse has a different look, and they all hold a curved flower street lamp. The surface texture of bronze makes mouse figurines more lovely and charming. Put them on your table, it’s really an interesting and vibrant landscape.



The nature of mice is to like to eat. It is for this reason that people compare mice to animals that attract wealth, while the five mice play around, some hold ingots, some carry coins, and help to carry treasures home, and even more so. It means the arrival of fortune, the arrival of fortune, the rolling in of wealth, and it is deeply loved by the people. The bronze rat carved in the animal sculpture is very lifelike and very cute. In the quiet night, lie on the bed, relax the muscles of the whole body, lean on a soft and comfortable pillow, and relax. The mouse figurines on the bedside will illuminate you this night, they seem to be dancing on the bedside table. What a vivid picture. Not only because of the wealth of mouse figurines, but also the cute image that is hard to refuse.


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