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hot sell bronze angel of prayer sitting statue desktop decor

Even in a noisy environment. With such an angel of prayer, your heart will return to peace. This angel of prayer kneels on the mat. Crossed his hands over his chest. Close your eyes and pray piously. Her wings were also tucked behind her back. The prayer recognizes a personal angel of prayer and pays tribute to the work done by the angel on your behalf. Hope that the guardian angel can stay safe, pray for you, guide you and help you through the storm.



At first glance, the angel of prayer seems to be a simple childhood rhyme, but its beauty is extremely simple. In a word, you ask for inspiration to be able to accept the heavenly guidance you get through the guardian angel. Your words and prayers and God’s help, through his angel, your angel of prayer, can let you through the darkness. They both lowered their heads slightly, folded their hands across their chests, and adopted a graceful and humble posture. The posture with her hands folded symbolizes her absolute obedience to God’s will. His wings are beautiful in shape, each feather is carefully drawn, and the whole feels like a bird with a wide wingspan. Angel of prayer crosses his chest with his hands, which is an expression of the humility and focus he encourages people to possess when praying to God.



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