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hot sale bronze angel figurines girl and boy sculpture home decor

Angel figurines with a storyline is very attractive. This small sculpture shows a woman angel touching the ground on one foot. Wearing a long flowing skirt, huge wings spread out behind him, as if he had just landed on the ground. She embraced a person with closed eyes in her arms. He put the sword against the angel’s neck. The entanglement of their two gestures constitutes the beautiful shape of the entire angel figurines. Many people will think about the story when they see it. What an interesting sculpture.



The art of angel figurines can embody a kind of classical style, with a certain degree of elegance and spirituality. The life of art is to return to the basics and to learn from the heart. It has the ability to improve funds in Chinese sculpture art and culture and emits this spiritual light in sculpture, Can make our dialogue with the sculpture reflect the philosophy of human beings and the mystery of nature. Angel figurines sculpture art must go through many kinds of crafts to make a perfect work. Generally, sculpture art can display crafts according to the shape and size of the hand. When sculpting, you should always keep a clear mind and thinking to create carving processing. . The artistic beauty of angel figurines can also be shown through the body and interaction of the characters.


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