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home decoration small size abstract animal owl cast bronze metal art statue

The role of each figurine is not just decoration, even those ordinary animals are common or uncommon animals in nature, these figurines made by our sculptors have the characteristics of a certain deep meaning. It is like this bronze owl statue with a very shiny surface and a dark brown surface. You may think it is a statue of a small animal at first glance, but if you look closely, every part of the owl has its own The design of the figurine protects its children under its huge wings, which is also the embodiment of maternal love among animals. Each figurine has a deep meaning or the ability to infect people, and it is enough to decorate all kinds of modern places.



Owls take off at dusk, see the truth in the dark and clear their minds in the chaos. The cat’s face, with a pair of big, motionless eyes, can still see everything in the darkness, and the figurine is a “night catcher” that haunts the night. In ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, in various civilizations, we can find the figure of owl figurines. In ancient Greek legends, it was the favorite bird of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and the ancient Greeks believed that it had the ability to predict the future. Later, the figurine owl became the incarnation of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, symbolizing wisdom, reason, and justice. The ancient Greek civilization has profoundly affected the civilization process of the entire European continent and even the whole world. Under this influence, the owl figurines were held in great reverence. As a Western proverb: “As wise as an owl”


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