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Home decoration bronze hare rabbit statues pictures

The animal figurines customized for you by our factory are highly restored to real animal expressions and movements. This rabbit figurine has very cute movements, half-squatting on the ground, the small claws are extremely cute, and the rabbit figurine’s fur is on the surface of bronze casting, each of which is exquisitely displayed. A small tail is also placed behind him. The rabbit figurine’s long ears, large eyes, and three-lobed mouth are all vivid features. The texture of the rabbit figurine brown is very stylish and would be lovely on the table too.



What kind of animal is a rabbit? A rabbit is a very cute little animal. Because of its cute character and white and fluffy appearance, it is loved by many children and girls. Rabbits are also very popular in animal bronze sculptures. Rabbit is a general term for all the genera of the mammalian lagomorph order Lagosidae. The rabbit figurine is also a precious sculpture, it represents the crystallization of thousands of years of culture, and also represents the artist’s pursuit and an emotional close-up of bronze sculpture art. Let the animal copper rabbit figurine perfectly combine movement and stillness, so that the dynamic feeling of the animal copper rabbit figurine can be perfectly expressed, and we can also see whether the inner emotion of the sculpture artist is rich.


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